Community Events

Although we have several events to get involved in to support the healthcare system, we rely on our community to lend a hand and spread awareness about our services and programs. Community Events are either single day or ongoing fundraising efforts made by an individual or corporation who on their own will create and execute a fundraiser on behalf of the healthcare system. There are some general guidelines and steps for action when gaining approval from the Foundation to hold the event and use our name and logo. We are truly grateful for these efforts, however limited staff and resources restrict our involvement.


How to Get Approval for a Community Event

  1. Contact the Foundation at 954-265-3454 or email the Manager of Special Events at and explain your fundraising idea.
  2. Receive the Community Events package with forms and guidelines. Fill it out and sign agreement after thoroughly reading and return to the Manager of Special Events. Events may take up to 30 days to approve, please allow proper advance notice of your event.
  3. Once the paperwork is received, if your event is approved you will receive an official letter of your intent, which validates your event and intention to raise funds for the healthcare system. You may use this letter when soliciting support for your event. This approval will also get your event on our event calendar and healthcare systems community events calendar (if proper advance notice is given).
  4. After your event we require that all funds are collected by the organizer and given to the Foundation with the post event form all at one time to ensure proper credit is given to the event. If your donors prefer to write checks or cash directly to the Foundation, we will accept, however they will not receive an acknowledgment letter unless the donation amount is $10 or more and the name and address are on the check. We do not process credit cards for community events. If the donation is coming from the organizer, only the organizer will be thanked. Community Events Package


Visiting Patients in the Hospitals

If your event involves the request for interaction with patients in the hospital you must be approved through our Child Life and Patient Life Departments by calling 954-265-3454 at least 30 days in advance of your planned visit. Please see guidelines for visiting patients in the hospital. Child Life Guidelines


Current Ongoing Community Events

  • United Rental Annual Charity Golf Tournament
  • Mikarila Thrift Store 4800 SW 28th Terrace in Fort Lauderdale donates a portion of sales
  • Carly Wroblewski's Christmas in July Toy Drive
  • Kelly’s Chocolates for Charity gives a percent of proceeds from website sales to pediatric oncology
  • Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor collection can
  • sells sports inspirational tee shirts for kids and donates a portion of proceeds


Please visit Events Calendar for one time events by date



United Rentals Golf Tournament raised $6,000 for the Believe Capital Campaign in September.
United Rentals Golf Tournament raised $6,000 for the Believe Capital Campaign in September.


Your Guide to a Successful Community Event

1. CREATE A COMMITTEE.  Don’t try and do it alone.  Recruit enthusiastic volunteers who understand the purpose for the event and bring their special skills to the table.

2. SET YOUR GOALS.  Set measurable and realistic goals.  Keep track of your progress and inform those involved on a regular basis of your progress towards the goals.  People enjoy seeing progress as a result of their efforts.

3. BE CREATIVE. Allow your committee members to use their resources to benefit the event and allow sufficient time to prepare.   Remember, you may not be the only event in town that day. Check community calendars, major sporting events and local celebrations.

5. PLANNING YOUR BUDGET.   Keeping your goals in mind, identify your costs and potential income.  Your budget should be as detailed as possible and allow for small overages. Often, local businesses will support events through the donation of product and services that help keep expenses down.

6. PROMOTE YOUR EVENT.  Publicity is key to the success of any event.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help get the word out through every potential resource including email, social networks, newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, community calendars, radio and television.

7. CREATE AN EVENT WEBSITE.  The site will serve as a home to your event supplying necessary information to potential attendees, supporters and sponsors.  In addition, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation can add your site as a link on our website.

8. PRESENTATION AND FOLLOW-UP.  The success of your event can lay the groundwork for future events and it’s important to acknowledge and recognize everyone that was involved.  Letters and emails to supporters is always a plus especially to sponsors and committee members.  Establishing and building relationships assures support when needed at a later date.


How We Can Help

  • Letter of endorsement to validate the authenticity of the event and your association with us.
  • Provide banners (if avaliable)
  • Provide Foundation representation at the event based on availability (30 day advance notice is requested)
  • Post your event on our Face Book page, website and link your event website to our website if applicable.
  • Assist in designating your contribution to a specific area of interest within the healthcare system and provide tax receipts to donors.

Special Events

"There is nothing more important to the KISS audience than family, particularly kids. With Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital being a world-class children's hospital right here in Broward County, our decision to support the hospital was easy. Since 2003, the KISS Radiothon has raised over $1.2 million, something the entire KISS family is extremely proud of.

Joe Bell, General Manager

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