Meet the Sanchez Triplets

Born 14 weeks premature, these miracle babies survived and thrived, thanks to the extraordinary care at The Wasie Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Their Story

Meet Jayden

In a historic operation at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, little Jayden became the first child in South Florida to use the Berlin Heart as a bridge to transplant. Jayden's Story

Meet Dustin

We will always be grateful to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital for its leading-edge pediatric medical technology and for its team of the nation's finest – and most loving – physicians and healthcare professionals. Thanks to them, Dustin is cancer-free!. Dustin's Story

Ways to Give

Silly Doctor Day is one of the medical play therapies that help patients become familiar with hospital equipment in a non-threatening environment. Reversing roles, our child life specialists become patients and the patients pretend to perform surgery, start IVs and bandage wounds. Generous support from Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation helps us fund a certified Child Life Specialist and purchase needed equipment and supplies to minimize stress and anxiety during a child’s healthcare experience.”

Melissa Langley

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